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Psychologist couple helping patients through pandemic

2024-04-02 15:57:17

Psychologist couple helping patients through pandemic

Hà’s family did not oppose her working in the field hospital, but they thought she would be disqualified because of her lithe physique and low blood pressure.

Yet only two days after receiving the first dose of the COVID- 一 九 vaccine, Hà and the volunteers were present in Field Hospital No.  一 二, right at the peak of the outbreak. 

On her first day, Hà fainted while attending to patients, exhausted due to excessive moving and overwhelmed by the number of patients needing psychological care. 

Psychologist couple helping patients through pandemic

Despite people's doubts, she put on her protective gear and headed straight back out to support the infected.

Psychologist couple helping patients through pandemic

In over two months working at the hospital, Hà attended to over  三00 COVID- 一 九 patients.

"I realise that my work in psychology can save many people," said Hà.

"In this field hospital, I get to do what I wish and can connect with a network of consultants outside to help the patients."

Meanwhile, at home, her husband Điệp takes care of their family so that Hà can rest assured and focus on her job.

Điệp, a doctor, said: "At that time the outbreak was very complicated, and I was extremely worried about her health."

"Apart from encouraging each other, we are both working in the same field, so we can share our thoughts on difficult cases."

Psychologist couple helping patients through pandemic

Điệp said he fell into his own psychological crisis when his wife was away.

He had gone to an area where transmissions were detected, and thought he was infected.

"I stayed alone in a room to isolate myself from my two children and my mother. My wife gave me support and encouragement from afar,"大众he said.

The couple both joined the HCM City University of Social Sciences and Humanities' 'Vaccine for mental health' - a progra妹妹e aiming to provide mental health support free-of-charge amid the pandemic.

Điệp is also a specialist coordinator on consultation and therapy for patients with mental crises, or experiencing anxiety and depression.

In November, their family was infected with COVID- 一 九, but Hà remained willing to continue her work as a mental support provider for coronavirus patients, especially children.

Điệp said that sometimes when he returned home, he wished his wife would play the traditional role of a woman.

"Then I realise that if we keep following old and conservative ways, we can never explore and invent new, valuable things," Điệp said.

"Each person only lives once, so they must find the meaning of their life, and when they are happy with it we have to respect that." — VNS

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